About Google My Business

Google launched a new catering portal for small, local businesses designed to streamline your Google presence. From this new single interface, you can now control your Google Search presence, Google+ and Google Maps, while simultaneously updating your business information across multiple platforms. Google’s My Business portal holds more promising potential for SMBs beyond the obvious time-savings.If you’re looking for more tips, GMB has it for you.

What Can You Do My Company with Google?

Including merely updating your business information on multiple platforms at once, there are other directions you can use the Google My Company dashboard:• Support the development of Google+ fans. Google’s social network hasn’t reached Facebook’s epic proportions for everyday conversation, but given its ties to everything Google has to offer-including organic SEO-it’s a chance you don’t want to pass by. You can involve followers by posting insightful information, and even win new business through Google+.

  • Get the positive reviews and+ 1s. Encourage followers to write positive reviews and+ 1 content for an SEO and a boost in reputation. On Google Search, Maps, and even Ads, users can endorse products.
  • Tracking engagement with users. When it comes to figuring out what plays on Google+, you are not going to be flying blind. Track user engagement for valuable insights into your Google+ Pages and posts. Once you’ve identified the content that most resonates with your audience, create more to increase your exposure and increase your organic reach.
  • Obtain information about other channels on Google. The My Business Dashboard includes information on your Google Analtyics and YouTube channels, in addition to Maps, Google+ and Search.
  • Build and manage ads using AdWords Express. Yes, there is even paid search on Google My Business. Not only can you create AdWords Express campaigns but you can also monitor performance directly from your My Business dashboard.

Do you have a company with multiple locations? Not to worry: There is a bulk-upload tool that allows you to add all of them at once, so they can be managed from within a single My Business dashboard. To use the bulk uploader go to My company locations.