An Overview Of Best Homemade bread

I’ve always been a proponent of home cooking, learning from my mother and grandmothers at an early age. I was fortunate to learn family recipes and techniques for making everything from biscuits and gravy, to gardening and preserving food for the entire year.Have a look at coffee for more info on this.

When I left home and started my own family, I continued cooking and preserving, teaching my own child the same as my mother and grandmothers taught me. Since I married a man with the same type of background, we continued our cooking ways together. My husband brought a mixture of Native American and Cajun cooking to our household.

Many home cooks are afraid to try making their own bread and are concerned with the time and work involved. While it does take time and involves extra work, it’s easier than you think and the results are worth the effort.

Homemade bread tastes better, is inexpensive to make and is much healthier for your family, without all the preservatives and dough conditioners you find in store-bought bread. Check the ingredients on a bag of bread and you will see a long list of not so healthy items; sugars or high fructose corn syrup, chemical preservatives and artificial flavors.

By making my own bread, I control what goes into it. I can also make specialty breads you won’t find in most stores like zucchini, pumpkin and my mom’s caraway cheese rolls.

Many people like to use a bread machine; it’s easy, just dump the ingredients in the baking pan and turn the machine on. I have a bread machine that I use on occasion but I still prefer making my bread from scratch instead of using a bread maker.

When you don’t have time to make bread by hand, then the bread machine is a handy piece of equipment to have in your kitchen. Just put the ingredients in the bread pan, set the timer and turn the machine on; by dinner you have a hot loaf of fresh bread.

If you plan on going the bread machine route, make sure you use a recipe made specifically for bread machines. These recipes are smaller with many, based on the capacity of the bread machine’s baking pan. You can also buy prepackaged, bread machine mixes but they are more expensive and you can’t control what goes into your bread.

I’ve noticed that some people who are against the idea of making bread from scratch, are intimidated by what they consider a difficult, complex and work intensive process. Actually, bread making is quite easy, needing just a few ingredients. There’s no special equipment needed, just a large mixing bowl, spoon, measuring cup and loaf pans.

The ingredients for a plain loaf of white bread is unbleached flour, active dry yeast, butter, shortening or oil, salt, milk and sugar. These items are found in most grocery stores at minimal cost. One regular size bag of flour will yield five to six loaves of bread.

Spiritual Bread Making

Image result for Spiritual Bread MakingAll the ingredients to make 12 loaves of bread already exist. The probability that any kind of bread already exists in your reality and it is simply is a matter of combining ingredients to create a possibility. The ingredients do not have to be created to make brown bread, they already exist. What is it that makes brown bread? brunch

First, it is a thought about brown bread. It is your thought, and then it is a decision to make it. It must come from the creative part of your mind that you want to bake bread and then you must choose the kind of bread that you desire.

The process of creating the bread comes from a choice of an infinite combination of ingredients called a recipe. The creation will come from ingredients you will find listed in a recipe for brown bread. It will be either your recipe or someone else’s and this is another choice. All the probabilities for making any other kind of bread you dismiss from your consciousness when you make the final decision to bake brown bread. Although the probabilities still exist, they are not conscious in your mind and your focus has been narrowed down.

The creation of the twelve loaves of bread will manifest from choices you are about to make following closely the recipe for it. As you begin to choose the ingredients and add them to the mix you may deviate somewhat and ad some nuts or extra brown sugar or molasses making the final results uniquely yours.

Even in your unique creation of the twelve loaves of bread, not all loaves will be exactly the same. Each load will be slightly different. The ingredients will be in different proportion in each loaf. The loaves will not rise the same, they will not bake exactly the same way. All loaves having the same ingredients will be individualized because of the unevenness of its ingredients and the baking process.

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The results will be 12 loaves of bread that are the same but uniquely different. Your creation will come from choices that you have made in ingredients and how you processed them along with variations coming from outside forces. You will have created bread from choices, not by creating the ingredients.

Your life was/is created exactly the same way.

Before you were born, you decided what it was you wanted to experience in your physical life. You chose the time and place of your birth and the parents and their circumstances that would be the recipe for your own creation.

For the first few years after your birth, the awareness of who you really are remained in your consciousness and you did not question your existence. As your parents, siblings, relatives and friends started defining who you are physically, you began to forget the real you. The process began and although you had an idea of what you wanted to experience before you were born, it was no longer in your consciousness. Others began moulding you and from here on in, it would be a further process of trying to remember who you really are and what it is you wanted to experience. As society defines you, so you live your life. The more you choose to listen to the body, the farther away you move from the wishes of the spirit, and the more difficult life is for you. The more ingredients you add, the more you move away from the original recipe or intent.