4 Tips to Throw a Safe Bounce House Party

If there is one way for parents to plan a birthday party that will be enjoyed by children between the ages of 3 and 13, a bounce house party will be provided. For most households, it is nowadays really easy to rent or purchase an inflatable bouncer for the kids. Not only can the pleasant jumping castle be used for birthday parties for your babies, it can also be used for any function and activity involving children. Please keep in mind those safety tips when you are considering getting an inflatable jump house to make your party a surprise for the baby. Here are 4 safety tips for hosting a bounce house party that you are doing. Checkout Choosing the Right Bounce House Rental Company | Mental Itch for more info.

  1. Make sure the jumping castle is set up properly The first thing you need to rent a children’s jumping castle for your group is to search for an appropriate place in your backyard. This position should be clear and safe for setting up an inflatable jacket, away from sharp or pointy points and fire or other sources of electricity. Because the inflatable bouncers are made of PVC or vinyl materials which these factors easily affect. That is why you will be told by a skilled operator to remove your shoes when you step in a bounce house. If you don’t employ a crew to set up the inflatable for you, you’ll need to search the location and remove any dangers yourself.
  2. Continue supervising the children at all times Although it is designed and made to be safe for children to ride, play and fall in, it is not a baby-sitter. A lot of parents believe they just need to put their kids in a bouncy castle. It is not real. Children will often go wild on a jumping castle without adult supervision, and quickly run into each other, resulting in injuries. That is why it is important for a bounce house group to have a dutiful adult boss to keep the kids from being unruly. The boss can be a professional technician you employ, or other friends, so you can have time at the party to socialize with others.
  3. Do not put more children on an inflatable moonwalk jumper than it can bear. Inflatable bouncers of industrial quality are now rendered very solid and robust, and adults can handle. You should however obey his order to fit a certain number of kids. Make sure your inflatable moonwalk never reaches its ability. These can typically hold up to 8 children at a time for tiny bounce houses, these can accommodate up to 12-15 kids at a time for bigger jumping castles. So if you have more kids at your party, it’s better to hire or buy a big, inflatable castle rather than a little one.
  4. Don’t encourage mixed age classes The safety rule in bounce house is that it doesn’t allow different types of children to hop on it concurrently. And, as children of different age groups fall together, there is a greater chance that they will collide together and injure each other. The right way is to split the kids by their height or maturity, and have them play in turns. This is another explanation you need an overseer. When other kids wait in line to hop into the bounce house for another round, you will send them another game to keep them occupied.