Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Ok, you guys may assume I’m crazy as I say this… If I hear “laser,” the first thing that comes into my head is “laser pistol.” That would usually lead to “laser gunfight,” which would ultimately become “epic interstellar combat set in the thirtieth century.” I know most people’s thought-trains don’t fly in those-I’m going to admit-somewhat off – the-beaten-track ways, but you’re going to have to believe, a thirtieth century interstellar las las. But lasers are still being used for some pretty mundane things these days. Like the permanent removal of laser fibers. Get More Info Laser Hair Removal see this.

I would rather be zapping baddies with my laser gun, if I had a choice, than zapping my axial hair. However, I don’t have a lot of opportunity to do this, and I still think lasers are really cool so laser hair removal is really cool too.

Anyway what is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is when the hair is eliminated-usually indefinitely-on a person’s face and/or body through intense light pulses aimed at a different wavelength. This laser pulse hits the hair shaft’s melanin— or pigment — and destroys it by stimulating the follicle to keep the hair from growing back. If the skin color of the individual is significantly lighter than their eyes, then the skin of the region where the light pulse was aimed will not heat up.

Permanent care for laser hair removal won’t take with some individuals but you can be pretty sure that the hair in that place won’t grow back on those who do. That’s why they call laser hair removal PERMANENT. This hair removal method is extremely effective, although it is generally considered less efficient than electrolysis, which utilizes a mild electrical jolt to kill the hair shaft, rather than a powerful laser light pulse.

Nevertheless, permanent laser hair removal is much less painful compared with electrolysis. Unlike electrolysis however, in order to ensure that the region you want to be handled will remain permanently hair-free, you will have to go in for a couple weeks or months for multiple sessions, so that any hair fragments in their “resting” period can be eliminated when they come out of that process and start growing again.

Who are the best kinds of Laser Hair removal candidates?

Since the laser beam hits the black pigment in the hair shaft, the best candidates typically are individuals with very short, coarse hair and light eyes. Depending on the type of laser being used, darker-skinned people typically will appear to end up having discolored skin around the region being handled, as the light will not be able to target their hair as well as the difference of dark hair and light skin would be greater.

The higher the difference of light skin and dark hair, the greater would generally be the possible results of permanent laser hair removal, and the less likely side-effects would be for a person to experience.

What are the side effects of Removal of Permanent Laser Hair?

If you are considering having this type of treatment for your unwanted hair, bear in mind that the results may vary between individuals and that a person may be at risk of having side effects such as acne flare-ups, scab forming, hyper-or hypopigmentation, swelling, soreness, burning, and a condition known as purpura, where violet or red-colored discoloration occurs on the skin of the head. It certainly isn’t as good as an alien laser battle.