4 Benefits Of A Quality Office Coffee Maker

If you’re consistently working gainfully, there’s a good chance caffeine plays a huge part in your day. I tend to wait until every day, until I drink that first cup, I get to my workplace. When I get to work, it not only offers me something to look forward to, but I also don’t waste my money getting coffee on the way to work. Approximately two years ago I bought a standard office coffee maker which I store at work in my cubicle. It’s a single cup coffee maker so it’s just making enough for me and my coffeinated needs. There are numerous benefits of having my own coffee maker.Learn more by visiting view publisher site

  1. Save time on my way to work, I drive right by two of those very popular coffee shops every morning. I consider it amazing how many people come for their coffee and a donut every day without ever worrying about how much money they spend each year. I have to say I used to be one of those individuals but when I got my own office coffee maker I changed my ways. Through skipping such coffee shops and waiting until I get to work, I practically save hundreds of dollars per year.
  2. Brew your favorite brand I like one brand of coffee and I can brew that same brand every morning with my single serve drip coffee brewer. I don’t have to compromise for the kind my company offers to the rest of the staff. I used to drink the coffee that was served at college, but I brew my favorite brand every morning after I got my office coffee maker.
  3. Can Get Creative I will mix and match different types of coffee varieties with my drip coffee maker and produce my own personalized brew. You don’t have that luxury with a Keurig or K-cup coffee maker and you have to drink the type of coffee they’re selling. I used to make my own beer and I thought it was great to be able to produce my own craft beer with whatever products I chose to use. I have that flexible choice of brewing my own coffee each morning.
  4. Update the Office Decor I still refer at my office for updates. A tiny single-cup coffee maker in my office corner allows me to create my own coffee corner. Because it’s a single-cup edition, it’s small enough to fit comfortably into the corner of my screen and it even contributes to my office decor. I’m even considering adding a little burr coffee bean grinder to my coffee corner so I can ground my own coffee beans and drink the freshest coffee I can produce.